Verkleuren gold plated sieraden?

Do gold plated jewelry discolour?

Why do gold plated jewelry discolor?

That depends on the composition of your gold plated jewelry and the thickness of the gold plating. Therefore, when buying a gold plated piece of jewelry, research the composition of the piece of jewelry. A gold-plated piece of jewelry is always made of a basic material such as sterling silver or brass with a layer of gold on top. All rings from Josephina Jewelry are made of gold plated brass. If you want to be sure that your jewelry never discolours, it is best to buy solid gold jewelry. Are solid gold jewelry above your budget, but still want a cheaper, high-quality alternative? Then it is wise to delve into gold plated jewelry, we will tell you more about this in this blog.

How do I know if the gold plating will stay on for a long time?

Gold plated jewelry will always discolor over time due to wearing. That is logical because with every movement the jewelry comes into contact with other surfaces. A ring is on your finger and you wash your hands several times a day and pick up a lot of things in one day. With every movement, the ring comes into contact with dirt, moisture or water. This causes the gold plating to wear off slowly. The same happens with necklaces and earrings, but they hang a little more securely than, for example, a ring, making them less likely to interact with other surfaces. But with the right care, you can delay the discoloration of your ring for as long as possible!

Which gold plating lasts best?

Josephina Jewelry has experimented a lot with combinations of materials and as a result we have found a unique combination that remains beautiful and golden in color for a long time! Our rings are made of gold plated brass. We use brass as the basis for our jewelry because brass itself has a vintage golden color. Brass is the same as brass, a mix between copper and zinc. The brass base is covered with a thick layer of 14 carat gold plating. So if the gold plating does wear off in the long run, you will always keep a gold-colored piece of jewelry because brass has the color of vintage gold! So your jewelry gets a vintage look. You can also polish brass with, for example, Brasso. You can just buy this at the supermarket! Watch out for gems, they don't like this! Jewelry with sterling silver as a base will always turn silver when the plating wears. Do you want to buy a ring that never discolours? Then view our 9 carat rings .

How do you prevent discoloration of jewelry?

You prevent discoloration by letting the jewelry come into contact with dirt, moisture and water as little as possible. Take off your jewelry when washing your hands, showering, exercising, etc. This will allow them to retain their golden color for longer. Chemical products such as soap, disinfectant, cleaning agent and perfume are extremely harmful to gold plated products, so you can even get unsightly stains on your gold plated jewelry. So watch out for this!

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