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Vintage Onyx Flower ringVintage Onyx Flower ring
Vintage Onyx Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Vintage Smoky Baguette Diamond ringVintage Smoky Baguette Diamond ring
Vintage Luna Smoky Quartz ringVintage Luna Smoky Quartz ring
Vintage Luna Smoky Quartz ring
Sale price€55,00
Vintage Luna Black Onyx RingVintage Luna Black Onyx Ring
Vintage Luna Black Onyx Ring
Sale price€55,00
Dotted Stacking RingDotted Stacking Ring
Dotted Stacking Ring
Sale price€24,95
Vintage Rose Quartz Flower ringVintage Rose Quartz Flower ring
Vintage Garnet Flower ringVintage Garnet Flower ring
Vintage Garnet Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Save 49%
Kendall Triple Pink Amethyst ringKendall Triple Pink Amethyst ring
Kendall Triple Pink Amethyst ring
Sale priceFrom €25,00 Regular price€49,00
braided ringbraided ring
braided ring
Sale price€30,00
Vintage Triple Moonstone ringVintage Triple Moonstone ring
Vintage Triple Moonstone ring
Sale price€49,00
Vintage Green Onyx Flower ringVintage Green Onyx Flower ring
Vintage Green Onyx Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Vintage Citrine Flower ringVintage Citrine Flower ring
Vintage Citrine Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Moonstone Milly Marquise ringMoonstone Milly Marquise ring
Moonstone Milly Marquise ring
Sale price€55,00
Wavy Stacking RingWavy Stacking Ring
Wavy Stacking Ring
Sale price€22,95
Save 27%
November Birthstone Ring - CitrineNovember Birthstone Ring - Citrine
November Birthstone Ring - Citrine
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Tiny Pinky Signet ringTiny Pinky Signet ring
Tiny Pinky Signet ring
Sale price€25,00
Rose Quartz Signet ringRose Quartz Signet ring
Rose Quartz Signet ring
Sale price€55,00
Pavé Petit Dome RingPavé Petit Dome Ring
Pavé Petit Dome Ring
Sale price€39,00
Lizzy Smoky ringLizzy Smoky ring
Lizzy Smoky ring
Sale price€55,00
Save 49%
Kendall Triple White ringKendall Triple White ring
Kendall Triple White ring
Sale price€25,00 Regular price€49,00
Vintage Emily Emerald ringVintage Emily Emerald ring
Vintage Emily Emerald ring
Sale price€69,00
Vintage Triple Peridot ringVintage Triple Peridot ring
Vintage Triple Peridot ring
Sale price€45,00
Ginny Smoky Quartz RingGinny Smoky Quartz Ring
Ginny Smoky Quartz Ring
Sale price€69,00
Ivy Triple Smoky RingIvy Triple Smoky Ring
Ivy Triple Smoky Ring
Sale price€49,00
1+1 Gratis
Graveerhanger Hart | met Initiaal | GoudkleurigGraveerhanger Hart | met Initiaal | Goudkleurig
Billy Green Onyx RingBilly Green Onyx Ring
Billy Green Onyx Ring
Sale price€45,00
Marquise Smoky Half Eternity ringMarquise Smoky Half Eternity ring
Vintage Blue Topaz ringVintage Blue Topaz ring
Vintage Blue Topaz ring
Sale price€55,00
August Birthstone Ring - PeridotAugust Birthstone Ring - Peridot
August Birthstone Ring - Peridot
Sale priceFrom €36,00 Regular price€49,00
Emerald Half Eternity RingEmerald Half Eternity Ring
Emerald Half Eternity Ring
Sale price€49,00
Vintage Citrine ringVintage Citrine ring
Vintage Citrine ring
Sale price€45,00
1+1 Gratis
Sterrenbeeld Ketting | met Gravering Initialen Achterkant | GoudkleurigSterrenbeeld Ketting | met Gravering Initialen Achterkant | Goudkleurig
Black Onyx Bubble ringBlack Onyx Bubble ring
Black Onyx Bubble ring
Sale price€39,00
Save 27%
January Birthstone ring - GarnetJanuary Birthstone ring - Garnet
January Birthstone ring - Garnet
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
floral ringfloral ring
floral ring
Sale price€30,00
Dome ringDome ring
Dome ring
Sale price€35,00
Vintage Moonstone Marquise RingVintage Moonstone Marquise Ring
Vintage Onyx Flower ring silverVintage Onyx Flower ring silver
Vintage Smoky Flower Cluster ringVintage Smoky Flower Cluster ring
Vintage Elisa Citrine ringVintage Elisa Citrine ring
Vintage Elisa Citrine ring
Sale price€55,00
1+1 Gratis
Vintage Graveer Ring | met Initiaal | GoudkleurigVintage Graveer Ring | met Initiaal | Goudkleurig
Save 55%
Dotty Small Hoop (12mm)Dotty Small Hoop (12mm)
Dotty Small Hoop (12mm)
Sale price€10,00 Regular price€22,00
Save 27%
Birthstone Ring December Blue Topaz GoldBirthstone Ring December Blue Topaz Gold
Birthstone Ring December Blue Topaz Gold
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Lizzy Garnet ringLizzy Garnet ring
Lizzy Garnet ring
Sale price€55,00
Save 30%
Lilac Eternity ring goldLilac Eternity ring gold
Lilac Eternity ring gold
Sale price€45,50 Regular price€65,00
Save 25%
September Birthstone Ring - SapphireSeptember Birthstone Ring - Sapphire
September Birthstone Ring - Sapphire
Sale price€41,00 Regular price€55,00
Moonstone Pavé HoopsMoonstone Pavé Hoops
Moonstone Pavé Hoops
Sale price€45,00
Save 48%
Jenny Large plain hoops (18mm)Jenny Large plain hoops (18mm)
Jenny Large plain hoops (18mm)
Sale price€14,00 Regular price€27,00
1+1 Gratis
Graveerbare Ring | met Naam | GoudkleurigGraveerbare Ring | met Naam | Goudkleurig
Save 66%
Mother of Pearl Stud EarringsMother of Pearl Stud Earrings
Mother of Pearl Stud Earrings
Sale price€10,00 Regular price€29,00

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On this page you will find the complete jewelry collection of Josephina Jewelry. Josephina Jewelry is the jewelry webshop of the Netherlands! Are you looking for a gold plated piece of jewelry or a 14 carat gold piece of jewelry? Take a look and find the piece of jewelry you are looking for! With us you will find affordable jewelry for a nice price and of high quality. Are you looking for a ring, necklace or earring? View our complete jewelry collection. In addition, we mainly work with real gemstones in our jewelry.

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Are you looking for gemstone jewelry? Then you've come to the right place at Josephina Jewelry! We like to work with real gemstones in our jewelry. Are you looking for a specific gemstone and how the gemstone works? Or choose a gemstone that suits you based on color. In our jewelry webshop you can buy a ring, earring or necklace with gemstone online.