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Rose Quartz Signet ringRose Quartz Signet ring
Rose Quartz Signet ring
Sale price€55,00
Vintage Green Onyx Flower ringVintage Green Onyx Flower ring
Vintage Green Onyx Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Vintage Smoky Baguette Diamond ringVintage Smoky Baguette Diamond ring
Dotted Stacking RingDotted Stacking Ring
Dotted Stacking Ring
Sale price€24,95
Vintage Garnet Flower ringVintage Garnet Flower ring
Vintage Garnet Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
18 Karaat
Vintage Agaat ring | 18K GoudVintage Agaat ring | 18K Goud
Vintage Agaat ring | 18K Goud
Sale price€569,00
8 Karaat
Vintage Smaragd Diamant ring | 8 KaraatVintage Smaragd Diamant ring | 8 Karaat
18 Karaat
Vintage Robijn ring | 18K GoudVintage Robijn ring | 18K Goud
Vintage Robijn ring | 18K Goud
Sale price€289,00
18 Karaat
Vintage Bloedkoraal ring | 18K GoudVintage Bloedkoraal ring | 18K Goud
14 Karaat
Vintage Saffier ring | 14K GoudVintage Saffier ring | 14K Goud
Vintage Saffier ring | 14K Goud
Sale price€198,00
14 Karaat
Vintage Diamant ring | 14K GoudVintage Diamant ring | 14K Goud
Vintage Diamant ring | 14K Goud
Sale price€449,00
Sold out 9 Karaat
Vintage Saffier ring | 9 KaraatVintage Saffier ring | 9 Karaat
Vintage Saffier ring | 9 Karaat
Sale price€139,00
18 Karaat
Vintage Saffier ring | 18K GoudVintage Saffier ring | 18K Goud
Vintage Saffier ring | 18K Goud
Sale price€329,00
Vintage Triple Peridot ringVintage Triple Peridot ring
Vintage Triple Peridot ring
Sale price€45,00
1+1 Gratis
Vintage Graveer Ring | met Initiaal | GoudkleurigVintage Graveer Ring | met Initiaal | Goudkleurig
Save 25%
July Birthstone Ring - RubyJuly Birthstone Ring - Ruby
July Birthstone Ring - Ruby
Sale price€41,00 Regular price€55,00
Vintage Citrine Flower ringVintage Citrine Flower ring
Vintage Citrine Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Vintage Blue Topaz ringVintage Blue Topaz ring
Vintage Blue Topaz ring
Sale price€55,00
Vintage Triple Moonstone ringVintage Triple Moonstone ring
Vintage Triple Moonstone ring
Sale price€49,00
Vintage Elisa Citrine ringVintage Elisa Citrine ring
Vintage Elisa Citrine ring
Sale price€55,00
Save 27%
Birthstone Ring October Pink Tourmaline GoldBirthstone Ring October Pink Tourmaline Gold
Birthstone Ring October Pink Tourmaline Gold
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Vintage Rose Quartz Flower ringVintage Rose Quartz Flower ring
Ivy Triple Smoky RingIvy Triple Smoky Ring
Ivy Triple Smoky Ring
Sale price€49,00
Panter ringPanter ring
Panter ring
Sale price€69,00
Vintage Victoria Smoky ringVintage Victoria Smoky ring
Vintage Victoria Smoky ring
Sale price€69,00
Moonstone Milly Marquise ringMoonstone Milly Marquise ring
Moonstone Milly Marquise ring
Sale price€55,00
Croissant RingCroissant Ring
Croissant Ring
Sale price€35,00
Vintage Smoky Flower Cluster ringVintage Smoky Flower Cluster ring
Vintage Emily Emerald ringVintage Emily Emerald ring
Vintage Emily Emerald ring
Sale price€69,00
Vintage Molly Garnet ringVintage Molly Garnet ring
Vintage Molly Garnet ring
Sale price€55,00
Save 27%
January Birthstone ring - GarnetJanuary Birthstone ring - Garnet
January Birthstone ring - Garnet
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
braided ringbraided ring
braided ring
Sale price€30,00
Ginny Smoky Quartz RingGinny Smoky Quartz Ring
Ginny Smoky Quartz Ring
Sale price€69,00
Vintage Onyx Flower ringVintage Onyx Flower ring
Vintage Onyx Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Dome ringDome ring
Dome ring
Sale price€35,00
Black Onyx Bubble ringBlack Onyx Bubble ring
Black Onyx Bubble ring
Sale price€39,00
1+1 Gratis
Graveerring Hartje met Initiaal | GoudkleurigGraveerring Hartje met Initiaal | Goudkleurig
Vintage Luna Black Onyx RingVintage Luna Black Onyx Ring
Vintage Luna Black Onyx Ring
Sale price€55,00
Tiny Pinky Signet ringTiny Pinky Signet ring
Tiny Pinky Signet ring
Sale price€25,00
Emerald Half Eternity RingEmerald Half Eternity Ring
Emerald Half Eternity Ring
Sale price€49,00
Vintage Luna Smoky Quartz ringVintage Luna Smoky Quartz ring
Vintage Luna Smoky Quartz ring
Sale price€55,00
Wavy Stacking RingWavy Stacking Ring
Wavy Stacking Ring
Sale price€22,95
Save 27%
Birthstone Ring December Blue Topaz GoldBirthstone Ring December Blue Topaz Gold
Birthstone Ring December Blue Topaz Gold
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Pavé Petit Dome RingPavé Petit Dome Ring
Pavé Petit Dome Ring
Sale price€39,00
Save 49%
Kendall Triple White ringKendall Triple White ring
Kendall Triple White ring
Sale price€25,00 Regular price€49,00
1+1 Gratis
Graveerbare Ring | met Naam | GoudkleurigGraveerbare Ring | met Naam | Goudkleurig
Save 27%
November Birthstone Ring - CitrineNovember Birthstone Ring - Citrine
November Birthstone Ring - Citrine
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Vintage Citrine ringVintage Citrine ring
Vintage Citrine ring
Sale price€45,00
Billy Green Onyx RingBilly Green Onyx Ring
Billy Green Onyx Ring
Sale price€45,00
Save 27%
February Birthstone ring - AmethystFebruary Birthstone ring - Amethyst
February Birthstone ring - Amethyst
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00

Vintage Style Rings

Josephina Jewelry is the ring brand in the Netherlands. Do you want to buy a ring in a vintage look online? Then view the extensive range of rings from Josephina Jewelry. We are the specialist if you want to buy a ring! We design all our rings ourselves in Amsterdam and the designs are inspired by vintage jewelry. We offer a unique combination: rings of high quality gold plating that lasts a long time with real gemstones. As a result, our rings have great prices and are affordable. We also sell a selection of sterling silver rings and 9 carat solid gold rings. We believe that rings really complete your outfit!

Josephina Jewelry the ring specialist!

At Josephine Jewelry you will find rings in all kinds of styles! All our rings are made in the vintage look that we are a big fan of! In our extensive collection of rings you will find gold and silver rings. Gold rings are the trend of the moment! With us you will find high quality gold plated rings that remain beautiful for a long time. We also have a small collection of 9 carat rings . The 9K rings will always remain beautiful and will never discolour! Do you want a timeless ring that will always remain beautiful? Then view our sterling silver rings . Silver jewelry will always remain in fashion and they will always remain beautiful. Rings are also a perfect gift to give or receive!

Rings for every occasion

Our rings can be worn for any occasion. We have rings in all kinds of styles. At Josephina Jewelry you will find rings in vintage style with or without gemstones. We have statement rings with a large striking gemstone, but also minimalist rings. Our minimalist rings are thin rings with small gemstones or rings without a stone. You can easily combine these rings with each other. Are you looking for a real eye-catcher? Then go for a statement ring and steal the show! Choose a ring with a striking large gemstone that matches your outfit. You can't wear enough rings these days. Ring stacking is a trend where you wear multiple rings together on the same finger or a ring on each finger! After all, you can never have enough rings as a lady!

Ring with gemstone

Our rings contain real gemstones. Are you looking for a unique ring or a ring with a specific gemstone? Then look no further and view our extensive collection of rings with precious stones. In our collection we have gold and silver rings with more than 20 types of gemstones. A gemstone is a natural product and therefore every ring is unique. A gemstone ring is special because they have a medicinal effect. Tell your story with a gemstone ring. In our collection we have rings with gemstones such as: Onyx , Moonstone , Sapphire , Ruby, Emerald , Amethyst , Garnet , Smoky Quartz and much more. Complete your ring stack with Josephina Jewelry! Choose a ring because the gemstone suits you or simply because you like it.

Buy rings online

Do you want to buy a ring online but don't know your ring size? Check out our page: ' What is my ring size '. Here we explain quickly and easily how you can best measure your ring size. Buying rings online is easy, first discover which ring suits you best. For example, are you looking for a silver or gold ring? Are you looking for a ring with or without a gemstone? Or are you looking for a specific gemstone ring with a certain effect? With us you can easily search for a specific gemstone or read our blog about how gemstones work . Of course you can also choose a ring that feels good or because you like the color of the gemstone. At Josephina Jewelry, rings are shipped for free and you can easily return or exchange them for a different size! Do you still need help measuring your ring size or advice when buying a ring? Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

Buy ring with free shipping

At Josephina Jewelry you always enjoy free shipping when you want to buy a ring! Our rings are competitively priced and affordable. Are you not satisfied or do you want a different ring size? No problem, exchange and return is easy with us. You can return within 2 weeks. In case of an exchange, we will send you the new ring size free of charge. Buying a ring online has never been so easy, so order your ring quickly!