Measuring your ring size?

Don't know your ring size? We explain in 2 methods how you can quickly measure your ring size at home ! It doesn't matter if you have a matching ring or no other rings at all. With our step-by-step plan you can quickly measure your ring size!

Download our ring size document here and print it on A4 paper with scale 100% .

First method: Measure the ring size of a fitting ring

Requirements: Well-fitting ring and ruler

  1. Measure the diameter of the ring with the ruler, so the inside of the ring without edges
  2. The number of millimeters you read is your ring size

Example : Below the inside of the ring measures 16 millimeters, so the ring size is 16

Ring size measurement image

Another way to measure a suitable ring is by using our ring size circles.

  1. Click here and print our ring size guide with scale 100%
  2. Place your ring on one of the circles
  3. Make sure the purple border of the circle is visible and that your ring fits snugly inside
  4. The circle where the ring fits best is your ring size

Second method: Measure your ring size without a matching ring

With this method we measure the circumference of your finger and then we use a ring size table to convert the ring sizes.

Requirements: String or strip of paper, ruler and pen

  1. Wrap the string or strip of paper around the finger you want to measure
  2. Use a pen to mark a line where the string meets
  3. Place the strip along the ruler and read the circumference of your fingers in millimeters
  4. You have now measured the circumference of your finger, look in the ring size table to see which size belongs to this.

Example : the circumference of your finger is 50 millimeters, the corresponding ring size is 16 millimeters, so you have ring size 16.

Ring size table

With the ring size table you can also convert a ring size. For example, if you have ever bought a ring in an American size, you can read the corresponding European ring size here.

Ring size table Josephina Jewelry

Tips for measuring your ring size

  • Determine in advance on which finger you want to wear the ring. Every finger is different and the ring size will therefore differ per finger.
  • Note the thickness of the ring. A thin ring is often a bit larger, it is sometimes better to take half a size smaller. A thicker ring often falls smaller, it is sometimes better to take half a size larger.
  • The weather affects the thickness of your fingers. In warm weather your fingers expand and in cold weather they are a bit thinner. So measure your ring size at a normal temperature.

Are you having trouble determining your ring size? Then make an appointment and come and try on rings at our office!

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