Gold Plated Brass

All our gold plated jewelry is made of Brass with a layer of 14 Carat Gold Plating. Brass itself is a gold-colored metal. This keeps your jewelry beautiful for a long time! Finally, our gold plating is also covered by an e-coating. This will protect your jewelry and keep it beautiful for a longer period of time. 

 925 Sterling Silver

All of our silver jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver. This is a fairly pure metal. Silver can become a bit darker in color over time, because it oxidizes. But in this case you can easily polish this until it will shine again, like it's brand new!

9 Carat

9 Carat jewelry is made of a part pure gold and a mix of other metals. Because it's made of 33,75% solid gold it will not fade it's color. 9 Carat is a cheaper alternative than 14 karat gold because it's less pure gold and the mix of other metals is a bigger percentage of the complete piece.

14 Carat Gold

14 Carat Gold remains beautiful forever. It has a higher pure gold content than 9 carats and therefore a slightly higher price. 14 Carat gold jewelry will never fade and will always remain beautiful.

What can discolor jewelry?

  • Acidity of your skin; if you have a high acidity, gold plated jewelry will discolor faster when worn on the skin. This is different for every person and unfortunately you can't do anything about this, this is a reaction of the skin with the material of your jewelry.
  • Exposure to sunlight and oxygen; this causes oxidation of your jewelry. Your jewelry appears to be getting a little darker in color. You can easily polish silver jewelry with silver polish or toothpaste and then they will shine again. Never polish gold jewelry, as the gold plating will come off.
  • Use of chemical agents; creams, cleaning products, perfume, soap, make-up and sweat will cause your jewelry to discolour more quickly.

How do I keep my jewelry beautiful for as long as possible?

  • Store your jewelry in a closed jewelry box, which prevents oxygen and sunlight from getting in.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals such as creams, cleaning agents, perfume, soap, make-up.
  • Take off your jewelry by sunbathing, swimming, showering and exercising.
  • Polish your silver jewelry with silver polish, but watch out for the gems!
  • Polish gold plated jewelry with a soft and dry cloth. Do not use water or cleaning products, that will damage the plating!