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Trilogy Green Onyx ringTrilogy Green Onyx ring
Trilogy Green Onyx ring
Sale price€55,00
Trio Carnelian RingTrio Carnelian Ring
Trio Carnelian Ring
Sale price€42,00
Duo Band RingDuo Band Ring
Duo Band Ring
Sale price€30,00
Kody Peridot Cluster RingKody Peridot Cluster Ring
Kody Peridot Cluster Ring
Sale price€49,00
Vintage Onyx Flower ringVintage Onyx Flower ring
Vintage Onyx Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Vintage Moonstone Marquise RingVintage Moonstone Marquise Ring
Vintage Garnet Flower ringVintage Garnet Flower ring
Vintage Garnet Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Vintage Garnet ringVintage Garnet ring
Vintage Garnet ring
Sale price€55,00
Vintage Smoky Baguette Diamond ringVintage Smoky Baguette Diamond ring
Vintage Citrine Flower ringVintage Citrine Flower ring
Vintage Citrine Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Vintage Molly Garnet ringVintage Molly Garnet ring
Vintage Molly Garnet ring
Sale price€55,00
Vintage Triple Peridot ringVintage Triple Peridot ring
Vintage Triple Peridot ring
Sale price€45,00
Dome ringDome ring
Dome ring
Sale price€35,00
Vintage Emily Emerald ringVintage Emily Emerald ring
Vintage Emily Emerald ring
Sale price€69,00
braided ringbraided ring
braided ring
Sale price€30,00
Save 55%
Lilac Eternity ring goldLilac Eternity ring gold
Lilac Eternity ring gold
Sale price€29,00 Regular price€65,00
Moonstone Milly Marquise ringMoonstone Milly Marquise ring
Moonstone Milly Marquise ring
Sale price€55,00
Bohemian Signet ring
Sale price€35,00
Vintage Triple Moonstone ringVintage Triple Moonstone ring
Vintage Triple Moonstone ring
Sale price€49,00
Vintage Green Onyx Flower ringVintage Green Onyx Flower ring
Vintage Green Onyx Flower ring
Sale price€45,00
Rose Quartz Signet ringRose Quartz Signet ring
Rose Quartz Signet ring
Sale price€55,00
Vintage Luna Black Onyx RingVintage Luna Black Onyx Ring
Vintage Luna Black Onyx Ring
Sale price€55,00
floral ringfloral ring
floral ring
Sale price€30,00
Vintage Rose Quartz Flower ringVintage Rose Quartz Flower ring
Labradorite Milly Marquise ringLabradorite Milly Marquise ring
Marquise Smoky Half Eternity ringMarquise Smoky Half Eternity ring
Tiny Pinky Signet ringTiny Pinky Signet ring
Tiny Pinky Signet ring
Sale price€25,00
Save 27%
Birthstone Ring October Pink Tourmaline GoldBirthstone Ring October Pink Tourmaline Gold
Birthstone Ring October Pink Tourmaline Gold
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Save 27%
December Birthstone Ring - Blue Topaz | Gold Plated BrassDecember Birthstone Ring - Blue Topaz | Gold Plated Brass
December Birthstone Ring - Blue Topaz | Gold Plated Brass
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Save 27%
August Birthstone Ring - PeridotAugust Birthstone Ring - Peridot
August Birthstone Ring - Peridot
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Save 35%
July Birthstone Ring - RubyJuly Birthstone Ring - Ruby
July Birthstone Ring - Ruby
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€55,00
May Birthstone Ring - EmeraldMay Birthstone Ring - Emerald
May Birthstone Ring - Emerald
Sale price€55,00
Save 27%
March Birthstone ring - AquamarineMarch Birthstone ring - Aquamarine
March Birthstone ring - Aquamarine
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Save 27%
January Birthstone ring - GarnetJanuary Birthstone ring - Garnet
January Birthstone ring - Garnet
Sale price€36,00 Regular price€49,00
Billy Green Onyx RingBilly Green Onyx Ring
Billy Green Onyx Ring
Sale price€45,00
Dotted Stacking RingDotted Stacking Ring
Dotted Stacking Ring
Sale price€24,95
Petit Dome RingPetit Dome Ring
Petit Dome Ring
Sale price€24,95
Wavy Stacking RingWavy Stacking Ring
Wavy Stacking Ring
Sale price€22,95
Save 41%
Engrave Ring Square | with Initial Engraving | Gold coloredEngrave Ring Square | with Initial Engraving | Gold colored
Engrave Ring Square | with Initial Engraving | Gold colored
Sale price€29,00 Regular price€49,00
Save 44%
Engraving Ring Heart with Initial | Gold coloredEngraving Ring Heart with Initial | Gold colored
Engraving Ring Heart with Initial | Gold colored
Sale price€25,00 Regular price€45,00
Save 41%
Initial Signet Ring | Gold PlatedInitial Signet Ring | Gold Plated
Initial Signet Ring | Gold Plated
Sale price€29,00 Regular price€49,00
Save 41%
Engravable Ring | with Name | Gold coloredEngravable Ring | with Name | Gold colored
Engravable Ring | with Name | Gold colored
Sale price€29,00 Regular price€49,00
Ginny Smoky Quartz RingGinny Smoky Quartz Ring
Ginny Smoky Quartz Ring
Sale price€69,00
Ivy Triple Smoky RingIvy Triple Smoky Ring
Ivy Triple Smoky Ring
Sale price€49,00
Croissant RingCroissant Ring
Croissant Ring
Sale price€35,00
Vintage Victoria Smoky ringVintage Victoria Smoky ring
Vintage Victoria Smoky ring
Sale price€69,00
Vintage Elisa Citrine ringVintage Elisa Citrine ring
Vintage Elisa Citrine ring
Sale price€55,00
Panther ringPanther ring
Panther ring
Sale price€69,00
Lemon Topaz RingLemon Topaz Ring
Lemon Topaz Ring
Sale price€89,00

Gold Plated Rings

Are you looking for a gold ring? Gold rings can come with a high price tag, which can be beyond your budget! But don't worry, at Josephina Jewelry you will find many gold plated rings. We specialize in affordable high quality gold plated rings. All our rings are handmade with genuine gemstones. Are you a fan of the vintage ring style? Then take a look at our collection! Our rings are unique because they are made in vintage style but affordable! Our gold plated rings remain beautiful gold for a long time due to the unique combination of brass with 14K gold plating. The gold plated rings always retain a vintage gold color.

Gold Plated rings are the trend.

Our collection of gold rings is huge, that's because gold is the trend of the moment! Gold rings are very trendy, just like precious stones. With us you will find gold plated rings and 14K gold rings . Gold plated rings are suitable if you have a lower budget. We make the gold plated rings of high quality that remain beautiful for a long time. What can you expect in our gold rings collection? Gemstone rings in vintage style, but also minimalist rings and statement rings. It is trendy to wear many rings. Wear several gold rings on one finger or one ring on each finger. We are constantly adding new rings to the collection!

Gold Plated ring with Gemstone

Do you want a vintage ring but are these above your budget? View our gold plated rings. At Josephina Jewelry we make gold plated rings with real gemstones. Our gold plated rings are made of high quality plating and real stones so that they stay beautiful for a long time. Gemstones are very popular right now! We also love gemstones and that is why we include many types of gemstones in our ring collection. And let's tell you that gemstones color the most beautiful with a gold ring. The warm golden color makes a gemstone shine! Choose a gold plated ring that suits you. Be guided by the color of the gemstone or by the medicinal properties of the gemstone . Tell your story with a gold plated gemstone ring.

Buy Gold Plated Rings at Josephina Jewelry

Have you found a gold plated ring that you like? Then place your order, with us gold plated rings are always shipped in a luxury jewelry box. You can order quickly with a payment method of your choice such as iDeal, Paypal or pay afterwards with Klarna. Do you order before 4 p.m.? Then your order will be shipped the same day on working days. Do you still want to exchange or return? That is no problem and can be done within 14 days.

Order online at Josephina Jewelry

✓ Ordered before 4 p.m. on working days, shipped the same day ✓ Free shipping from € 49 ✓ 14 days return/exchange ✓ Real gemstones ✓ Make a shopping appointment in Amsterdam for styling and advice

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do gold plated rings discolour?

Gold Plated rings are always made of a basic material with a layer of gold plating on top. When worn, a gold plating will eventually wear off. After all, a ring moves with your hand over every surface you touch. But because the gold-plated rings from Josephina Jewelry are made of brass, you always have a gold-colored ring when the plating wears off over time. That's because the metal brass has a vintage gold color of its own.

2. Can you shower with a gold plated ring?

Yes you can shower with a gold plated ring, but we always advise you not to. A plating will wear off faster if it comes into contact with a chemical agent such as soap. In addition, it is also better for gemstones. The plating and gemstones stay beautiful longer if you take them off with a shower.

3. Can you polish a gold plated ring?

No, we advise you not to polish a gold plated ring. A plating is a layer of gold and if you are going to polish it, it can come off faster. That is not what you want with a gold plated ring. You can wipe a ring with a dry microfiber cloth if it gets dirty.

4. Does a gold plated ring give off green?

A green print on your skin is created when the metal reacts to the natural acidity of your skin. A few suffer from a green print when wearing a certain type of metal. Fortunately, you can wash the green print off your hands with a little soap.