Waarom zit er kleurverschil in 9,14,18 en 24 karaat gouden sieraden?

Why is there a color difference in 9,14,18 and 24 carat gold jewelry?

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Color difference of gold jewelry: 9,14,18 and 24 carats

In this blog we explain why gold colors can differ. You can buy gold in different amounts of carats. The number of carats indicates how much pure gold has been used in the piece of jewelry. The best-known designations are 9, 14, 18 and 24 carat gold. There are color differences between the number of carats of gold due to the amount of pure gold that is used. That means that 9 carat gold and 14 carat differ in color because the amount of pure gold in the piece of jewelry differs. In addition, jewelry of the same carat can also differ in color due to the exact composition. The pure gold is always mixed with other materials. We will first briefly explain the difference between the different amounts of carat gold.

What does carat mean in gold jewelry?

In the Netherlands we see the most 9.14,18 and 24 carat gold. The number of carats in the jewelry says something about the amount of pure gold that is processed in the jewelry. Officially, a piece of jewelry in the Netherlands can only be called a gold piece of jewelry from 14 carats. Abroad, 8 and 9 carats are recognized as gold jewelry. The amount of carat is often indicated with a stamp in your jewelry. This stamp has a number that refers to how many carats of gold your piece of jewelry is. Below you will find an overview of the amounts of carats and the corresponding amount of pure gold and the stamp.

9 carat contains 33.3% pure gold and is marked with 333
14 karat contains 58.5% pure gold and is indicated with 585
18 carat contains 75% pure gold and is marked with 750
24 carat contains 99.99% pure gold and is marked with 999

What makes gold different in color?

24 karat contains the most pure gold. 24 carat gold is dark yellow in color. Pure gold is very soft and difficult to work as jewelry. It will therefore be damaged quickly. For these reasons, we mix pure gold with other materials. The jewelry of a lower carat is stronger and less likely to damage. In addition, the color gold becomes less bright with lower carat jewelry. In the Netherlands we prefer a light color gold of a lower carat. In Asia, on the other hand, they are crazy about dark yellow gold of higher carats.

How can the color of gold of the same carat differ?

It is possible that you have several jewelry made of 14 carat gold and that the color still differs. This is due to the composition of the jewelry. All 14 carat gold jewelry contains 58.5% pure gold. But the composition of the rest of the material may differ. A mix of copper, silver and palladium is often used. They call this the alloy. When more copper has been added to one piece of jewelry and the other more silver, the final color of 14 carats will differ from each other.

Can gold discolor?

Gold of any carat always retains its color. Gold can become duller in color through wear, the acidity of your skin and the use of chemicals such as soap. A new piece of jewelry is always beautifully polished and therefore shines. You can polish gold jewelry again or have it polished by a jeweler so that it shines beautifully again!

What determines the price of gold jewelry?

The price is primarily determined by the number of carats of gold used. Usually, the more carats, the more expensive the jewelry. But it also depends on the design of your jewelry. A solid ring of 14 carat gold can be cheaper than a hollow ring of 18 carat due to the weight and amount of gold needed for the ring. In addition, the price can also depend on the complexity of the ring. A complex ring will have higher design and manufacturing costs because it requires more labor than a simple ring. Finally, gold is a product with a global price. The gold price can be higher or lower and that determines the price of pure gold.

Which carat gold do you see most in the Netherlands and what kind of gold does Josephina Jewelry use?

In the Netherlands you most often see 14 carat gold jewelry. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, the price, 14 karat gold is very affordable. In addition, 14 carat gold is strong and always remains beautiful. Finally, we Dutch are a fan of the lighter gold color of 14 carat gold. Nowadays, however, we see more and more 9 carat gold jewelry in the Netherlands. This is due to the vintage jewelry trend, many vintage jewelry is made of 9 carat gold and comes from abroad. 9 carat gold  has a lower content of pure gold, but always remains beautiful in color. In addition, 9 carat gold jewelry has a lower price than 14 carat gold jewelry. At Josephina Jewelry we sell 9 carat gold jewelry . 9 carat gold jewelry always remains beautiful gold in color and they are cheaper than 14 or 18 carat gold jewelry. A 9K gold piece of jewelry lasts a lifetime and is a good investment if you want to buy gold with a lower budget.