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Vintage Citrine Flower ringVintage Citrine Flower ring
Vintage Citrine Flower ring
Sale price$39.00 Regular price$49.00
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Vintage Elisa Citrine ringVintage Elisa Citrine ring
Vintage Elisa Citrine ring
Sale price$48.00 Regular price$60.00
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Vintage Luna Citrine ringVintage Luna Citrine ring
Vintage Luna Citrine ring
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Loet Citrine ringLoet Citrine ring
Loet Citrine ring
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Kendall Triple Citrine ring silverKendall Triple Citrine ring silver
Kendall Triple Citrine ring silver
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Vintage Citrine Diamond Baguette Ring | Birthstone NovemberVintage Citrine Diamond Baguette Ring | Birthstone November
Save 20% 14 karat
Selly Citrine Ring | 14K GoldSelly Citrine Ring | 14K Gold
Selly Citrine Ring | 14K Gold
Sale price$380.00 Regular price$475.00
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Steffy Citrine Ring | 14K goldSteffy Citrine Ring | 14K gold
Steffy Citrine Ring | 14K gold
Sale price$242.00 Regular price$302.00

Citrine Rings

Do you want to buy a ring with citrine gemstone? Then Josephina Jewelry is the right place for you. Citrine rings are our favourite. As soon as the sun starts to shine, we like to wear citrine rings. But you can also wear this uplifting gemstone in the winter if you suffer from a winter dip, for example.

Citrine Rings from Josephina Jewelry

At Josephina Jewelry you will find different types of citrine rings. This is how you will find with us:

  • Citrine rings with 1 gemstone
  • Citrine rings with 3 stones
  • Citrine rings with 7 stones

We also have citrine rings with small stones or a large stone. We design all our rings ourselves in Amsterdam and citrine is our personal favourite. All our citrine rings are made in vintage style. Citrine gemstones are often clear and the color can vary from light yellow to dark to even orange.

Mix & match citrine ring with other jewelry

Do you have a citrine ring and do you want to complete it as a set? Then add matching earrings or necklaces with citrine. With us you will find a lot of jewelry with citrine so that you can combine it into the ultimate citrine set. At Josephina Jewelry you can certainly succeed if you are looking for unique jewelry with citrine. Check out our reviews if you are still in doubt, because then you will find out that we are rated with a 9+.

The functioning of a citrine ring

Did you know that wearing a citrine ring has a medicinal effect? In addition to the fact that a citrine ring is very beautiful, it also has a healing effect. Citrine is a sunny gemstone and has an uplifting effect. Do you have negative thoughts or depressed feelings? Wearing a citrine ring can counteract this. Citrine gemstone gives you strength, energy and joy of life. Wearing a citrine ring makes you stronger and more confident. That's perfect if you want to give someone a gift with a special meaning.

November citrine birthstone ring

Would you like to wear the birthstone ring of the month of November? Then wear a citrine ring. The ideal gift to give yourself or someone who has a birthday in November. In addition, it is also a very nice maternity gift for the mother of a newborn in November. Citrine is a ring that you can easily combine with other gemstones. At Josephina Jewelry you can easily buy a citrine ring online. Aren't you satisfied? Exchange or return the ring within 14 days.

A ring with citrine gemstone as a gift

Women often receive jewelry as a gift. But it can be difficult to pick out a piece of jewelry. You are always in the right place with a citrine ring. What woman wouldn't want to wear this sunny gemstone? A citrine ring also works uplifting and is therefore the perfect gift. All our rings are shipped in a luxurious jewelery box, making it a pleasure to give a ring as a gift.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the meaning of a citrine ring?

Wearing a citrine ring has a medicinal effect. Citrine is an uplifting sunny stone. If you suffer from negative thoughts or depression, this ring is suitable for you. Wearing a citrine ring provides courage, energy and joy of life. View all our unique citrine rings.

2. How do I clean a citrine ring?

A citrine is a sensitive gemstone, only clean it with lukewarm water. Always pat the ring dry thoroughly.