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Labradoriet ring gold platedLabradorite Milly Marquise ring

Gold Plated Brass

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Macrame Labradoriet kettingMacrame Labradoriet ketting
Macrame Labradoriet ketting
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Labradoriet KettingLabradoriet Ketting
Labradoriet Ketting
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Sterling Zilver

Labradorite Jewelry

On this page you will find all our rings with labradorite gemstone. Labradorite is a beautiful gemstone. Wearing a labradorite gemstone has a protective effect. It protects you from negative influences and energy. In addition, wearing a labradorite gemstone also has a positive effect on you. This is how the stone reduces fear and gives you self-confidence and perseverance.

The most beautiful Labradorite rings

At Josephina Jewelry you will find the most beautiful labradorite rings. We carefully choose the beautiful pieces of gemstone. The color of labradorite is particularly beautiful. It is a grayish stone with a blue/brown/green shine. You can see a kind of rainbow in a labradorite gemstone and sunlight makes the gemstone even more special! Take a look at your labradorite ring in good daylight for the best effect. In addition, labradorite gemstone looks beautiful with both silver and gold rings.