We use the following materials for our jewelry:

❖ Gold Plated Brass
All gold plated jewelry is made of brass. Brass is itself a gold-colored metal. There is a layer of 14 carat gold plating over the brass. Finally, the jewelry receives a special coating for protection.

❖ Sterling Silver
All silver jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. Sterling silver is the best basis for silver jewelry and always remains beautiful.

❖ 9 Carats
9 carat jewelry is made of 37.5% pure gold and a mix of other metals. 9 carat jewelry always remains a beautiful gold color and lasts a lifetime. 9 carat is a more affordable alternative than 14 carat gold.

❖ 14 Carat Gold
Our solid gold jewelry is made of 14 carat gold. 14 carat consists of 58.5% pure gold and is mixed with other metals such as copper and silver. This piece of jewelry will not discolour and will last a lifetime.

◈ Gemstones
Gemstones are natural products, so the stone may differ slightly from the photo. Every gemstone is unique and has its own beauty.

Care of your jewelry:

Gold Plated jewelry will remain beautiful for the longest time if you do not let it come into contact with chemicals such as soap, disinfectants and perfume. The jewelry can get wet, but to enjoy it for as long as possible, we recommend taking it off when showering, swimming and exercising. Always pat jewelry dry and do not put it away wet. It is best to store jewelry in a box where it is dark and dry.

Scratches and signs of wear can occur when wearing jewelry and that is normal if you wear it every day.

For some people, brass can have an effect on your skin. That said, everyone reacts differently to metals.