Ringen Trends 2022

6 Ring trends 2022

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Rings Trends 2022

As a specialist in the field of rings, Josephina Jewelry can give good advice about the current ring trends. Winter is almost here so we are wearing winter outfits again and that includes trendy jewelry! One thing is certain: this winter we will see a lot of gold rings with striking gemstones! Large eye-catching gold rings with precious stones are the trend! We will briefly explain the winter ring trends of 2022.

  1. Gold Rings

    The ring trend of the moment is really gold! Also in 2022 gold colored rings will remain the most popular. Many people have switched from silver jewelry to wearing gold jewelry. Gold gives a luxurious and warm look and is beautiful with many colored gemstones. Do you want to buy a gold ring online for the first time? Then go for a gold plated ring . So you can buy a relatively cheap gold ring and see if it suits you. Do you already have a lot of gold rings? Then invest in 9 carat rings . 9 carat rings always remain beautiful and you will enjoy them for a lifetime. Gold rings you can later pass on to your own grandchildren, create your own vintage jewelry!

  2. Vintage Style Rings

    Who doesn't love the vintage look rings? Unfortunately, true vintage rings are not affordable for everyone. Fortunately, there are currently many affordable rings in vintage style to be found! Create the perfect vintage look with a ring from Josephina Jewelry.

  3. Stacking Rings

    You can't wear enough rings! Ring stacking is very popular. For those who don't know what stacking means a short explanation. Stacking means that you wear several rings together. This can be multiple rings on the same finger or a ring on each finger! Minimalist rings are very suitable for stacking, you can easily wear several together on the same finger.

  4. Gemstone Rings

    Gemstones are timeless and always remain beautiful. A gemstone ring is a good investment because they always remain in fashion. You can easily polish them or have them cleaned at a jeweler. You have rings with gemstones in all sizes and colors. Gemstones also have medicinal properties . Choose a gemstone ring that suits you because you like it or based on how it works!

  5. Statement Rings

    Complete your outfit with a statement ring! For example, are you wearing a little black dress? Then choose a statement ring and steal the show! A statement ring is a striking ring with, for example, a large gemstone. A statement ring can also be a thicker eye-catching ring without a gemstone.

  6. Minimalist Rings

    Go for classic and subtle. These rings are easy to combine. Minimalist rings are thin rings with or without a stone. These rings are ideal for stacking. But you can also combine them with a statement ring. Minimalist rings are the perfect basics that every woman should have!

You can buy trendy rings at Josephina Jewelry

At Josephina Jewelry you will find rings according to the latest trends. Are you looking for trendy rings made of sterling silver , gold plated or 9 carat rings ? We have it all. We love the vintage look and our rings are made in this style with real gemstones. What is your favorite trendy ring?