Wat is 925 sterling zilver?

What is 925 sterling silver?

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What does 925 sterling silver mean?

Silver is naturally a fairly soft type of metal. Silver comes out of the ground and you will find most silver mines in countries like the United States, Peru, Mexico & Canada. Silver is suitable for making jewelry because it shines on its own. Because pure silver is a soft type of metal, it is first processed before it can be used as jewelry. Pure silver has a 999 content, which means 99.9 percent silver.

Pure silver is too soft to process silver for jewelry. For this reason, an alloy is added first, which is a different metal mixture. Usually copper is added to silver and the 925 alloy consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Of course, another type of metal can also be used to add.

What kind of silver does Josephina Jewelry use?

Josephina Jewelry uses 92.5% sterling silver with 7.5% copper. This ensures beautiful silver that shines and is easy to work with for our jewelry. Of course 925 sterling silver can get dirty, but with a little silver polish you can make your jewelry shine again!

What does gold plated mean?

A plated piece of jewelry is made of a metal with another layer of metal over it. This can be a metal ring with a layer of silver. Then you call the ring 'silver plated' or 'silver plated'. But this can also be a silver ring with a layer of gold over it. Then you call the ring 'gold-plated' or 'gold-plated.
The thickness of the plated layer may differ. The layer will wear off when wearing jewelry. For this reason it is important to be careful with gold plated jewelry.

What kind of gold plating does Josephina Jewelry use?

Josephina Jewelry uses sterling silver or brass as the basis for all gold plated jewelry. Brass is a type of metal that is golden in itself. As a result, the jewelry will always retain a golden color, even when the layer of gold plating wears off. Ideal if you want your jewelry to remain beautiful gold for a long time.

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