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Vintage Saffier ring | 9 KaraatVintage Saffier ring | 9 Karaat
Vintage Saffier ring | 9 Karaat
Sale price€139,00
Save 15% 9 Karaat
Bubble Ring | 9 CaratBubble Ring | 9 Carat
Bubble Ring | 9 Carat
Sale price€84,50 Regular price€99,00
Sold out 8 Karaat
Vintage Smaragd Diamant ring | 8 KaraatVintage Smaragd Diamant ring | 8 Karaat
Save 20% 9 Karaat
Smoky Ring | 9 CaratSmoky Ring | 9 Carat
Smoky Ring | 9 Carat
Sale price€300,00 Regular price€375,00
Sold out 9 Karaat
Vintage Spinel Flower ring | 9 CaratVintage Spinel Flower ring | 9 Carat
Vintage Spinel Flower ring | 9 Carat
Sale price€196,00 Regular price€245,00
Sold out 9 Karaat
Bohemian Signet ring | 9 CaratBohemian Signet ring | 9 Carat
Bohemian Signet ring | 9 Carat
Sale price€145,00

9 Carat Rings

On this page you will find all our 9 carat rings. 9 carat rings are made of 33.75% solid gold. These rings are perfect if you're looking for an affordable gold ring that never fades! We carefully choose the most beautiful gemstones for our 9 carat rings. In our collection you will find 9K rings with smoky quartz, citrine, spinel and amethyst.

Affordable 9K gold ring

9K rings are not only known for their quality but also for the price. A 9K ring contains less real gold than, for example, 14K or 18K gold, but the color always remains beautiful. In addition, a 9 carat ring is a lot more affordable than 14 or 18 carat gold rings. All in all, a good deal. A 9 carat ring will never discolor and is made with beautiful gemstones for a super competitive price! You can enjoy a 9K ring for a lifetime and you may even pass it on to your children!

9K gold ring as a gift

If you are looking for a special gift, a 9K ring is very suitable. The ring always remains a beautiful gold color and will never discolour. Choose a gold ring with a stone or a simple gold ring without a gemstone. We also have a small gold signet ring in the collection. If the gift is not completely to your liking, you can easily return or exchange it.