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Mini UV Led Lamp Nails
Mini UV Led Lamp Nails
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Het cadeautje om te geven of krijgen

Bij iedere order ontvang je een kaartje met een overzicht van de betekenissen van alle geboortestenen. Een geboortesteen ring is het ideale cadeautje om te geven of krijgen!

Birthstone ring in 9 karaat of 14 karaat goud?

Laat ons weten welke ring je zou willen. Op bestelling kunnen wij een birthstone ring voor je laten maken. Vul het onderstaande formulier in en wij informeren je over de mogelijkheden.
(steen + materiaal + ringmaat)

Nail Stickers Gel Polish

Do you want the new gel polish nail stickers? Check out our nail wraps! You can create the salon quality gel manicure at home in no time. It's super easy to put on, you only need fifteen minutes. In addition, it is also super easy to remove the gel manicure stickers.

Salon quality nails with Nail Wraps

Do you want to put the same nails at home as at the nail salon? That is normally difficult and a lot of work. With our nail stickers that is a thing of the past. The nail stickers are complete and are also called nail wraps. If the nail stickers are applied correctly, they can stay in place for up to 2 weeks! You can put the stickers for your nails on and off super quickly, all you need is a UV lamp.

Healthy nails with nail stickers

If you stop using gel polish, you often have badly damaged nails that need months of recovery time. That is a thing of the past with nail stickers. You can put them on very easily, but also take them off again. With a little oil you can easily remove the nail stickers at home. Use the supplied stick to gently loosen them a bit. Every time you drop some oil on it again, this ensures that the glue soaks loose.

No nail damage from nail stickers

It is difficult to get normal gel polish off your nails without damaging your real nail. With nail stickers you will not be bothered by this. You can easily deviate them. This allows you to apply new nail stickers afterwards. You don't need a break to let your nails recover because they don't damage.

Nail stickers from Josephina Jewelry

The nail stickers from Josephina Jewelry are made of gel polish. You can only apply the nail wraps properly if you have a lamp. In about 15 minutes you can put on the nail sticker properly. Read the enclosed instruction carefully for the optimal effect. With us you will find different trendy colors of nail stickers. Try different ones and find out which ones work best for you. We have nail stickers in the colors: green, brown, pink, lavender, blue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long do nail stickers last?

Nail stickers with gel can last up to 2 weeks if they are applied carefully. You need a lamp to cure the nails and a UV top coat ensures that they stay beautiful longer.

2. What is a nail wrap?

Nail wraps are nail stickers. There are 2 types. With gel or without gel. Gel stickers must be cured under a lamp and last longer than nail stickers without gel polish.

3. How do I get nail stickers off?

Nail stickers can be easily removed with oil. You can do it with cuticle oil but olive oil works too. The easiest is to take a small bowl, put a little bit of oil in it and put your fingers in it. Very carefully you can pry the nail loose on the side with the stick. Dip your fingers in the oil again and again and loosen the sticker a little further. Be careful not to damage the nail, so be careful so that the glue comes off properly.

4. Why does my hair get stuck behind the nail stickers?

It is important that your cuticles are well pushed back and that there are no skins under the nail stickers. In addition, it is important that you apply the nail stickers correctly. Make sure that an edge of your own nail always remains visible. With the top coat you seal the edge between the nail sticker and your own nail. Make sure the top coat doesn't get all over your skin.

3. How do I make the nail stickers fit?

You get 20 stickers so there are always nail stickers that fit. If you do miss a certain size, you can always cut them to size with sharp scissors before applying them to your fingers. The gel stickers are flexible and can be cut.