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Vintage Triple Peridot ringVintage Triple Peridot ring
Vintage Triple Peridot ring
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Moonstone Milly Marquise ringMoonstone Milly Marquise ring
Moonstone Milly Marquise ring
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Kody Peridot Cluster RingKody Peridot Cluster Ring
Kody Peridot Cluster Ring
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Molly Peridot RingMolly Peridot Ring
Molly Peridot Ring
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Kody Peridot cluster ring | 14K goudKody Peridot cluster ring | 14K goud
Kody Peridot cluster ring | 14K goud
Sale price$319.00 Regular price$399.00

Peridot Jewelry

Are you looking for a ring with a peridot gemstone? Then take a look at this page, we have several gold rings with peridot. This beautiful green gemstone also has medicinal properties. Peridot protects your aura and activates the chakra. Peridot gemstone reduces stress and gives you more confidence.

The most beautiful Peridot rings

You can find Peridot rings at Josephina Jewelry. The color of peridot is bright green. This green gemstone looks beautiful with gold rings. Buy a peridot ring with small stones or a peridot ring with a large stone.

Birthstone Ring August

Did you know that peridot is the birthstone of August. A peridot ring is therefore a good gift for someone who has a birthday in August. A birthstone ring is also suitable as a maternity gift for a mother of a baby born in August. Tell a personal story with a peridot birthstone ring!